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Here at The Trent Schools, we receive many questions about our program. Below you'll see most of our commonly asked questions and answers to them. If there is something else like to ask, please feel free to send us an email HERE.

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Making the choice to homeschool is a unique and personal one, which requires you to gather as much information as possible from a variety of sources and perspectives. Homeschooling provides a safe, structured environment where your child benefits from individual supervision, guidance, and a trusting relationship with his or her teacher: you! Your home is considered a certified state school with you as the teacher in charge of your child's education.

The feedback heard at Trent time and time again, is that the homeschooling experience offers myriad opportunities and advantages not found in traditional public or private school settings. Coursework can be adjusted to give you the freedom to emphasize according to your child's individual needs. When students have sufficient opportunities to “do”, learning becomes much more meaningful and memorable. Consider how a simple visit to the grocery store might provide hands-on, real-life practice for addition, subtraction, estimation, or making change.

The homeschool environment provides children with the gift of time. Time to develop critical thinking skills and to be in control of their learning. Time to revisit concepts as often as necessary. Time to explore interests in fine arts, music, or technology. And time to interact with the local community and its citizens. These essential attributes are all building blocks for becoming mature, confident, and responsible young adults, yet are generally lacking in public or private school classrooms.

Your choice to homeschool your child is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. With Trent, you’ll be partnering with a highly qualified and dedicated staff that upholds a trusted school philosophy and will be there to assist you every step of the way.

How does this program work?

Do I need to buy anything? Are there extra costs? Any hidden fees?

When during the year can I enroll my child?

How long will it take a student to complete one grade level?

What are my state’s laws regarding home schooling?

Is Trent an accredited homeschooling institution?

What's a transcript? Do I need one? How do I get one sent?

Which grade level should my child be enrolled in?

Is Trent a Virtual School?

My child has a learning disability, will Trent's curriculum suit his particular learning speed?

Does Trent accept expatriate and international students?

Do colleges and universities accept students who have been homeschooled?

Does Trent base its lessons in any religion?

What if my child has a career or daily obligation?


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