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Here at The Trent Schools, we receive many questions about our program. Below you'll see most of our commonly asked questions and answers to them. If there is something else like to ask, please feel free to send us an email HERE.

Is homeschooling right for you?

How does this program work?

Do I need to buy anything? Are there extra costs? Any hidden fees?

When during the year can I enroll my child?

How long will it take a student to complete one grade level?

What are my state’s laws regarding home schooling?

Is Trent an accredited homeschooling institution?

What's a transcript? Do I need one? How do I get one sent?

Which grade level should my child be enrolled in?

Is Trent a Virtual School?

My child has a learning disability, will Trent's curriculum suit his particular learning speed? (CLICK TO CLOSE)

The Trent Schools welcomes and admits students with an incredibly wide range of learning speeds. The reason for our success with all types of learners is that home schooling is perfectly designed for even students with severe learning disabilities. Learning through the Trent Schools is done at the exactly correct pace of the student since lessons need not conform to a traditional academic year. Our curriculum can be completed as is feasible and if there is ever a situation in which a student needs help, all they have to do is turn to their teacher sitting right nearby!

Does Trent accept expatriate and international students?

Do colleges and universities accept students who have been homeschooled?

Does Trent base its lessons in any religion?

What if my child has a career or daily obligation?


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