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1) Tuition costs are for one Trent academic grade (not a traditional school year), regardless of the calendar time taken to complete that one grade.

2) The Trent Schools accept the following three forms of payment for all tuition costs, placement test and transcript fees: Credit / Debit cards through PayPal, Checks (Personal or Bank) and Money Orders. Unfortunately, we do not accept credit / debit card payments outside of PayPal.

3) All fees are inclusive. There are no hidden or surprise fees and no fees will be added at a later date. There are no shipping and handling fees, no postage to pay, no textbooks to buy, no telephone charges, and no CDs or DVDs to purchase.

4) Students may withdrawal at any time and guidelines for refunds are here:

• 100% Refund if request is received within 5 calendar days following receipt of your official welcome letter.

• 50% Refund if request is received within 10 calendar days following receipt of your official welcome letter.

• No refunds are given if request is received more than 10 calendar days following receipt of your official welcome letter.

5) Monthly payments must be made by the last day of each month. For families using an automatic payment plan through PayPal, payments deducted are for enrollment during the month prior to the payment date. Refunds will not be given once those payments are processed.

6) If monthly payments are not received within 60 days of the previous payment, the account will be put on our OVERDUE list. The student will not be able to request or receive any further lessons or exams once account is overdue. Suspensions will be lifted only when outstanding balances are paid in full.

7) Students who do not make tuition payments for a period of 120 days will be made INACTIVE in the Trent records. Students who have been made inactive, and wish to resume their studies, are required to pay a reinstatement fee of $50.00. Students will also be made INACTIVE if no academic progress is made in 1 calendar year.

8) The 7th and final test of a grade level will be withheld if there is a remaining balance on a student's financial account. Exam will only be release once balance is paid in full. Students will not be able to officially complete or advance onto a new grade if an outstanding balance exists.

9) Students who wish to advance to the next grade level without completing their current one are welcome to do so if it is academically appropriate. However, full payment of the current grade level tuition is required to do so.

10) The Trent Schools reserves the right to unenroll any student without giving cause with a refund of most recent payment.

11) It is up to each parent to learn fully about their state's laws regarding homeschooling and make sure these regulations are followed. The Trent Schools is not responsible if these laws are not followed correctly. We are a provider of homeschooling lessons, provide basic academic support and record your grades in a safe and official manner, however, it is your home which is the homeschool that needs to be recognized by your state. Please visit our FAQ page for more information.


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