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If you are ready to start with us here at the Trent Schools, all the enrollment information you need can be found here e. Information will be broken into 4 sections:

1) Placement Test
2) Complete an Enrollment Form
3) Make a Tuition Payment
4) What Happens Next



Trent offers an optional placement exam for incoming students to make sure they are placed in the correct grade level. It's not required, but if you're not sure which grade level to enroll into, this will help.

The placement test is taken online and submitted electronically. Once we've received payment, we will grade the test and send you the results promptly. A $25.00 fee must accompany the completed test, which can be paid by debit/credit card through PayPal, check or money order.

To take the placement test click here: Placement Test

To pay via PayPal click below:

or by check or money order here:

The Trent Schools
PO Box 08
New Millport, PA 16861

If you have any questions about placement tests, please contact us at:



Completing an enrollment form online is quick, easy, and won't take more than a few minutes to complete.

To complete an enrollment form click here



In addition to completing an enrollment form, you'll need to make a tuition payment. This can be done through The Trent Schools' online payment system, in which, you'll select the payment plan and options that suit you best.

You will incur no financial obligations until you click a payment button. Within the payment system you'll be given information to pay by check or money order if you so desire.

The Trent Schools accept the following three forms of payment for all tuition costs, placement test and transcript fees:

Credit / Debit cards through PayPal
Checks (Personal or Bank)
Money Orders.

Unfortunately, we do not accept credit / debit card payments outside of PayPal.

If you pay using PayPal via the online payment system, you will be automatically enrolled in a recurring payment plan. The tuition amount that you've selected will be automatically deducted from your debit/credit card or bank account every month on the same day that you originally enrolled until your tuition is fully paid.

If you have questions about this, please contact our Director of Accounts (



Now that you've submitted a placement test (optional), your enrollment form and made your tuition payment, enrollment is not far away! Here is a step by step process of what will happen next:

1) Academic & Financial Records will be created in our accounts department.

2) You'll receive a confirmation email from our Director of Accounts that acknowledges the creation of these records.

3) You'll receive an introduction letter from our Dean of Students and your online academic support teacher (if applicable). This letter(s) will contain your first set of lessons as well as all of the information you'll need to know about how Trent works day-to-day and will allow you the opportunity to ask any follow-up questions.

4) Begin Homeschooling!

Expect up to 48 hours for enrollment to be completed.


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