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Language Arts
• Guided reading of literary classics of Shakespeare and Arthur Conan Doyle
• improving comprehension and reading of authors: Hemingway, Frost, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Richard Wilbur, Saki, Plath, Keats, and Tennyson
• Introduction to writing the five paragraph essay
• Building spoken, reading and written vocabulary
• Narrative, descriptive and explanatory writing
• Proofreading
• Story writing
• Review of parts of speech

• Problem solving
• Introduction to algebra, exponents and power
• Review of variables, expressions, and equations
• Explore solving division and multiplication equations and two step equations
• Geometry
• Graphs and statistics
• Symmetry
• Prime factorization
• Rational numbers and decimals
• Discussion of square roots, scientific notation, ratio, proportion and percent, and probability.

• Review of the scientific method
• Design experiments
• Physics
• States of matter
• The heat and motion connection
• The study of the atom
• The periodic table
• Rational numbers and decimals
• Discussion of organic and inorganic material
• Solutions
• Concentration
• Acids and bases
• Waves
• Frequency and pitch
• The optics of lenses
• Electricity
• Matter
• Energy
• Electricit
• Nuclear sources of energy

Social Science
• The responsibilities and privileges of citizenship
• The history of America's government
• National, state and local government's responsibilities to citizens
• The political party system
• Voting
• Nominating candidates
• Elections
• How a bill becomes a law
• How the Congress, courts and executive branch of the government work
• How our economic system operates

Fine Arts
• History of American home entertainment from the games and songs of the colonists to the computers and iPods of the twenty-first century
• Frescos
• The marches of John Phillip Sousa
• The photography of Brady, Jackson, and Hine.


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