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Language Arts
• Developing and extending basic writing skills; spelling rules, word derivations, word roots, parts of a sentence and parts of speech
• Reading biographies of famous people
• Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
• Pollyanna
• Sayings and phrases
• Myths and legends from all lands

• Telling time
• Numbers and money into the 100,000's
• Multiplying and dividing numbers from six to nine
• Introduction to geometry, algebra and adding and subtracting number in the thousands
• Practicing mental addition
• Word problems
• Fractions
• Estimation

• Studying seeds and plants
• The balance of nature
• Pollution
• The brain
• Matter
• Earth's rocks
• Discussion of forces
• Atoms
• Machines
• Metals and electricity in the physical sciences
• Introducing chemistry and astronomy
• Gravity
• The solar system
• Comparing the earth and the moon
• Reading biographies of scientists: John Muir, Jane Goodall, Edward Jenner, and Elijah McCoy

Social Science

• Reading and using maps
• Globes and graphs;
• The history of world civilizations including Ancient Rome, the Byzantine Empire, and Islam
• American Indian civilizations through early English settlements,
History of the high civilizations of Africa to slavery
• Growth of the American colonies through The Declaration of Independence.

Fine Arts
• Beginning study of music with instruments
• Percussion, tempo and rhythm
• Developing imagination
• Basic art techniques and art elements including design, mosaic, murals, patterns, lines, colors, quilt making, architecture and puppetry
• Meeting artists including Grandma Moses, George Gershwin, Aaron Copland, Duke Ellington, Diana Ross, Joan Baez, and Georgia O’Keeffe


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