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Language Arts
• Guided reading of American literature, including Our Town and Glass Menagerie, with poets, novelists and short story writers' techniques examined
• Daily spelling and vocabulary
• Persuasive and expository writing and outlining
• Writing grammatically correct essays

Algebra II / Statistics

• Intermediate to advanced algebra skills including expressions, equations, functions, rational numbers, linear equations, proportional reasoning, graphing, polynomials, quadratic and exponential functions.

Chemistry / Social Health and Hygiene

• Chemistry and atoms
• Compounds
• Molecular substances
• The periodic table
• Equations
• Reactions
• Elements
• Gases
• Acids, bases, and pH
• Nuclear and organic chemistry
• Personal and social health and hygiene

Social Science
American History II

• The history of the United States since 1865
• Themes of American democracy, civil rights, liberties, economic development, technology, cultural diversity, family life and the United States' role in world affairs

Fine Arts
The History of Painting
& The History of Sculpture
• The history of painting and sculpture during historical moments including: the Parthenon, The Baroque Style of Bernini, The Hudson River School, George Catlin, and Gustave Caillebotte
• The greats of Medieval art including: Fra Filippo Lippi, Francois Duquesnoy, Gregorio Fernandez, Andrea Pisano, and Fra Angelico
• American artists from the nineteenth century
• American artists from the twentieth century

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