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Trent was founded in 1997 by educators interested in establishing a non-denominational homeschooling institution based on the following principles:

Honoring our students' individuality.
Helping our students find and develop their unique learning styles.
Ensuring every student is successful.

In our current education system, students are expected to compete against one another regardless of varying ambitions and abilities. We believe the best education is one that is tailored to the individual student. Homeschooling makes this kind of growth in learning possible, harnessing a student's unique abilities, dreams, and interests. Trent prides itself on providing personalized attention and encouragement for all its students.

We are proud to be a small group of teachers, educators and administrators who believe in the power of a good education. We are not a corporation or a series of cubicles that dole out plain textbook information, we are a dedicated few who work from our main office and homes with students and parents like you.

We’ve been pooling our resources to make home schooling accessible, fun and thoughtful for parents and students for over 15 years.

Trent's wonderful staff, with over 75 years of experience in education, has an ongoing commitment to these founding principles.

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